The Holy Stuff of Life

Heather Murray Elkins


My life’s work is a narrative “treasure hunt” for the implicit holiness of human things. I invite you to join this quest for a transformative encounter that turns consumption into consecration. Altar-ing the world means to take what is seen as common place, lift it, name it, bless it, and then open its mystery so that all share in its grace. This is the wisdom I bring from my 35 years of teaching worship, preaching, and the arts in a seminary. Together we can explore the holy human connections of things such as spoons and bricks, football, stones and safety pins, acorns and aprons.

Human consciousness itself is a process of altering and altering; we bind things and our sensed experience together. What are some of these ties that bind?  Stories, images, and rites and rituals, mental and material relationships shape how we tell time and make meaning of our lives. For me, this altar-ing comes from the presence of the Spirit revealed in the life of the Beloved, Jesus.

There are three paths to explore in this treasure hunt found on my website: Holy Stuff of Life videos, books, and a blog with two categories: telling Christian time in an old Inn in West Virginia: Holy Days at the Apple Pi Inn, and Dreaming in Delaware: reflections on the search for the good community through the arts, drug prevention, and education.

I invite you to consider how rich and revealing our object relationships can be.